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We made the trip down to Corona, California to see the machine we have heard so much about. Our visit to ARID Automated Retail Income Development, a customized vending company, was filled with new insights and innovations. When we arrived to their humble building, we were introduced to their founder, Joe Menichiello. He took us on a brief tour and let us try a cup of coffee from their popular intazza Cafe. It did not disappoint. The bold taste from the coffee and sleek look of the machine had me enamored. Even the detail of the custom cups made a point. However, this was not the point of my visit. My focus was to see if this “disposable charger” machine was for real.

When Mr. Menichiello finally introduced us to the Power Drop we were surprised. I was expecting to see a much more bulking machine. This machine is quite the opposite. It was a wall-mounted machine that could fit anywhere. It has a 13″ high quality monitor on the top that has the ability to stream any content. Underneath that is the payment system, which they intend to make more flush. The system is outfitted to accept card chips. Moving farther down is where we see the options for the product. There are four selections. Two black Micro-SD and Apple Lightening selections as well as two in white. The selections are made by pressing metal buttons right now. However, Joe confirmed with us that they will be introducing a touch screen sometime in 2017.



Once you have swiped your card and made the selection, six seconds later, you have a cool clear box in your hand. After opening that, you have the Power Prop, which we are assuming is alluding to a “drop” of power. It is a very small piece that you could easily mistake for a coaster or matchbox. With an easy pull of the power ignite strip and removal of the charger cover, we were in business. My phone cover needed to be removed but that was no big deal. At that point I was at 28% (don’t judge). We were discussing the Power Drop roll out plan for just over 25 minutes. I looked down at my phone and it was at 61% “Pretty darn fast”, I said. I was at 100% a little over an hour into charging. This was surprising because 1000 mAh (milliampere hour) is lower that most chargers.However, for an MSRP of $5.00 per charger, this is a steal. I may have taken Joe up on taking a few more chargers home for “research”. From what we gathered, the Power Drop will be exclusively housed in the machine. It will be part of a program focused on eager entrepreneurs and investors throughout the U.S. These individual will have the opportunity to purchase machines in groups of three with help finding locations. “We have a wide list of locations who are eager to get the Power Drop on their properties” said Joe Menichiello. In conclusion, I was impressed with ARID and their products. The Power Drop is a cutting edge machine with a revolutionary product.


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  1. Hi there …my name is tom taggart I requested some info from another site & I received a voice-mail from Ron today if it’s possible can I get all the info about this amazing opportunity through email & one more thing I noticed I the story about the coffee intazz a it requested some info from then also that I haven’t received are you affiliated because I’m interested in both….thanks

  2. Interested 0-3 month, but do you offer finance?

    The price online differ from the real price.

    I have another ideas that could be implemented if possible.

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