Power Drop Launches in Dallas

 Power Drop, in coordination with The-Venders, announce that they have installed two of their state of the art vending machines within the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas. Both machines, which sell single-use, recyclable, phone chargers, are located in very high traffic areas. The first kiosk is on the second floor in the center walkway near the food court. The other machine is on the first floor near the Dicks Sporting Goods. Because of the high foot traffic locations along with the  increasing demand for portable power for in particular cell phones Power Drop believes this deployment is poised for success.

These new Power Drop machines encompass a more “visual” look. The graphics on both sides of the machine depict a user who has a Power Drop charger inserted into their phone.  The screen on their phone simply reads “Phone Charging Tabs”. Management feels that a more visual presentation will attract more users. “Potential customers will know exactly what our machines are selling,” said Joe Menichiello, Managing Director of Power Drop. “We are constantly trying to optimize our exposure and sometimes less verbiage and more visuals we believe will make more of an impression”.

Along with these 2 machines, Power Drop will be deploying 15 more like the ones in Dallas within the next 30 days into top locations throughout North America.  With the support of their manufacturing partner, The-Venders, (www.the-venders.com) Power Drop has continued to increase its presence in North America. Robert Bienias , VP of Business Development for The-Venders said, “We are excited about the growth Power Drop has shown over the past 12 months and are thrilled to be able to support their efforts with one of our customized Slimline models”.

Power Drop is also currently in discussions with some of the premier locations in North America for additional placements of its Power Drop vending machines.  Locations within Power Drop’s radar are theme parks, shopping centers, arenas, stadiums, airports, train stations, as well as entertainment centers.

The Stonebriar Centre is considered a top mall by many in the Dallas, Texas. This also marks another GGP Propertywhere Power Drop has successfully installed machines.  For more questions or general inquiries about Power Drop please visit PowerDropShop.com or call (888) 600-0709.

Media Contact…The-Venders Media Relations 949-637-8828

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